COMPASS-1 recovery efforts day 3

…good news ! Tetsu (JA0CAW) heard the beacon at 00:23 UTC over Japan ! :-)

A great thank especially to Alan (ZL2BX) who switched the heater
successfully off for 3 times (at 1946, 2124 and 2302 UTC), Sion (9W2QC and
Bob (W1ICW).
And of course to all who tried her best – thanks for your time and support.
This is a good sign, that the batteries will be charged. Please continue to
send the 4 commands to COMPASS whenever you hear the beacon or COMPASS is in
full sunlight.

Let’s hope the recovery efforts are a success!

Alan, ZL2BX:
Hi again Mike,
Have just had a Compass pass here in eclipse. On the off chance I sent the
heater off command and it was accepted at 0912. Further commands gave no response. I tried again shortly before LOS and commands 1 and 2 were accepted.

Hi Mike, ****14#200# command sent twice at 1047 UT and accepted. Did not send any other commands. Tried again once or twice at higher elevations but no

Robert NH7WN:
GOT IT Mike! Strong signal! 00COMPASSFF080008180000210000900001.
1953Z 08/18/08 at 37 el. east of honolulu.
Robert NH7WN, Honolulu.

Alan, ZL2BX:
Compass pass at 2004 UT. Sent commands at 2008 but only got response from ****13#200#.
Resent commands at 2012 and all were accepted including the beacon test command but I did not hear any beacon.

Compass pass at 2139 UT. Sent commands at 2142 and all were accepted including the beacon test command but once again I did not hear any beacon. I have the command wave file if you want it but will have to send it later in the day as I am away for a couple of hours. Good to hear the beacon was heard in Hawaii.
Alan, ZL2BX

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