LUCKY-7 telemetry and OBC images

There is a mechanism for swapping the main and redundant OBC/transmitter/memory which can be initiated from groundstation or naturally by the elapsed time or number of resets. You were witnessing the forced swapping which in this particular case needs to go over ~72 swaps per unit, thus you saw so many swapping in this case until the amount of swap resets reached 72 and elapsed time approx. ~171000 seconds. Each swap boot is also accompanied by the beacon packet, but the first one right after the boot is not carrying the actual values, but the reset values (some zeros or FF parts). It means your parser works well, you just need to wait for one more beacon period (depends on the settings, typically +20 or +40 more seconds after the swap). After that, the values are read out/transmitted and averaged correctly.
Thanks Jaroslav, OK1SFL

first OBC image complete

second one incomplete due to low elevation pass

LUCKY-7 spectrum during image download (437.525 MHz, 4k8 GFSK)