MOVE-2 telemetry

Found beacon with offset: 34718, hits: 10/10, 16/18, 0/4
CRC: 0x0011, calc CRC: 0x2617
Invalid CRC
Raw cdh hex: 2f07060007332e3335332e3431332e34329977285c7d180400ace301000070bc000404180000006464746464646463
Raw horst hex: 020200ad02000f022002
Raw thm hex: 0000000002000100006200002a18308119800240014011014010000000cb0628051d057d04080200011c40ac010f4ec06e98b4a138e034fe266cbf51e96e3aed8acb099726b4ad9046f9b7281b3eac
Raw eps hex: f95a2094fb47785e02f243c65ebc87d3535b05985568e431649d6d3dba3672d4bbee619515f9f050878c44a6
Raw adcs hex: c1d96f6e23e7ce5b6bed3a6e13dc108cbfa3b48cdfeeb1b2580629cffc646442d7b2ad7c4fe122a3d2de78db1496201c7e5ae81a9ac2b650386887a3527eeac77a407604d06b85e471649d6d3dba3672d4bbee619515f9f050878c44a66f558ff480ec0401
Raw com hex: 1496201c7e5ae81a9ac2b650386887a3527eeac77a407604d06b85e471649d6d3dba3672d4bbee619515f9f050878c44a66f558ff480ec0401000000000000700a00
Raw pl hex: 008009a903004b0444c0058673
beacon ID: 395055
beacon Version: 7
load average 1 min: 3.35
load average 5 min: 3.41
load average 15 min: 3.42
realtime: 1546155929, Sun Dec 30 08:45:29 2018
uptime: 268413s
free space on Data Image: 123820 kB
running image ID: 4
Boot counter: 24
Image uptimes: 100, 100, 116, 100, 100, 100, 100, 99,
Battery level: 85%
Horst leop state: 2
ADCS Timestamp: 0
ADCS state: 2

MOVE-2 decoded with RTL-SDR and AppImage

You need an SDR with sufficient bandwidth and a ground station setup that gives you sufficient SNR of the data signals. This will most likely require a high-gain VHF antenna and a rotator and a low noise floor in your area.

All information are here:

Use the provided software to decode the signal. It is a compact distribution of GNU Radio along with the decoder blocks for the LDPC code, descrambling the bitstream, and recognizing the Nanolink frames. Here you can download the software:

MOVE-2 beacon telemetry

CRC invalid but most of the values make sense

Found beacon with offset: 2894, hits: 10/10, 13/18, 4/4
CRC: 0x1810, calc CRC: 0xf99d
Invalid CRC
Raw cdh hex: d8f2050007332e2532332e3435332e3338b6b1635cba181000580a22b000d229000404120000000000000047646464
Raw horst hex: 0000000a000000030102
Raw thm hex: 00c33db903000083430080b7c3008098640cfe79c3202b2d4270a022c9860c805f20020000c0043d03c81c01c04c3049109212264c695a208cf35750307d7bc39ddacc8553805bf89fb2f907be38e9
Raw eps hex: 06c95dfdaffd70fd1ffd4bfd000089ff91ff91ff000066ff71ff56ff00007bff81ff83ff0000a0ffaaff9bff
Raw adcs hex: 666913a08e735650317d7a43885ad60551007ef88d3299472038ebf6282c25dc9c9b1e3d7b9136a078e6cdc6a57f158ff480ec6464640000001900000003010200363db9130201b14380033ea4017555550c767c22fce01283d02f25c705c8889704019e2a
Raw com hex: a57f158ff480ec6464640000001900000003010200363db9130201b14380033ea4017555550c767c22fce01283d02f25c705c8889704019e2a80040fa56043bb1110
Raw pl hex: 8800022013c21c20e0160130c9
beacon ID: 389848
beacon Version: 7
load average 1 min: 3.52
load average 5 min: 3.45
load average 15 min: 3.38
realtime: 1550037430, Wed Feb 13 06:57:10 2019
uptime: 1054906s
free space on Data Image: 2955020888 kB
running image ID: 4
Boot counter: 18
Image uptimes: 0, 0, 0, 0, 71, 100, 100, 100,
Battery level: 10%
Horst leop state: 2
ADCS Timestamp: 3107832576
ADCS state: 3
Magnetic field vector: 262.000000, -365.000000, 1217.000000
Gyro values: -249.992371°/s, 58.792114°/s, -10.290146°/s
Estimated state vector: 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, -2.000778
Estimated angular velocity: 0.000000, 43534920.000000, -0.000000
Sun vector: 0.000000, -0.000000, 1149334978560.000000
Error: 2683853696
SVD Attitude: -0.132788, 0.000000, -0.000000, 0.000000
ADCS control dipole Moment: -0.000000, -0.000000, -0.082862
Battery current: 216mA
Battery voltage: 7461mV
Watchdog counter: 248
UKW RX counter: 0
UKW TX counter: 100
COM Passed Auth Counter: 67108864
COM Failed Auth Counter: 117719104

FIRSTMOVE – end of mission

First-MOVE On-Board Computer Damaged

As we posted on December 21st 2013, we are not receiving data beacons from First-MOVE anymore. In contrast to the nominal mode in which CW beacons and AX.25 beacons alternate every 60 seconds, we are now hearing only CW beacons every 60 seconds. After trying many different approaches to reset our on-board computer via telecommands we re-analyzed our current options again last week. This analysis resulted in the conclusion, that the on-board software has sustained irreparable damage. The fact that we are receiving CW beacons every 60 seconds indicates, that both the transceiver and the power supply are functioning properly. For the transceiver to return to the 60 second CW beacon mode, it has to be power cycled, since this mode cannot be activated by the on-board software. This means that there was definitively an interruption in the power supply. In case of an interruption, the computer should deactivate the 60 second CW beacon mode as the first task during the boot sequence. As this has obviously not happened, the only conclusion is, that the computer is not getting through the entire boot sequence, probably because it was damaged due to an erroneous write process on the memory chip. Since there is no way to upload new software to First-MOVE we see no possibility to continue the mission and perform the planned experiments. It seems that First-MOVE has become inactive after a very short lifetime. We will still receive the CW beacons, but we will not hear anything but his name.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who went on this long journey and helped us. Especially the experience of strangers all around the world trying and often succeeding in tracking our satellite has made us very happy. Thank you for your efforts and help!

We will now try to compile all of the experience we have gained, write it down and pass it on to the next generation so a longer and more successful mission can be performed in the future.

Claas Olthoff