BeliefSat-0 – End of Mission

BeliefSat-0 NORAD Cat ID 58695 End of Mission

This mission was interesting as BeliefSat-0 is not a free flying satellite. Instead it is a “hosted payload” on a larger platform, in this case the spent upper stage of an Indian launch vehicle. The stage was modified such that it included solar panels and attitude control, so BeliefSat 0 and other payloads were designed to simply bolt on and plug in to a regulated power source. See for details.

While BeliefSat-0 and its host POEM-3 remain in orbit for now, it appears that BeliefSat-0 has been shut down as there have not been any successful observations of it in SatNogs for several weeks. POEM-3 will reenter within the next few weeks “leaving zero debris in space” according to the Indian Space Resource Organization.

[ANS thanks Joe Fitzgerald, KM1P, AMSAT Orbital Elements Manager for the above information.]