DANDE news

Dear Ham radio operators,

We still have not heard from DANDE since January 9th, but we suspect that there is a possibility that DANDE will return to communicate with us in the coming weeks.

DANDE has been in a sun-soaked orbit for the past few weeks, and through extensive analysis of DANDE’s recent state, we determined that this may be causing a variety of problems with DANDE’s communication. On February 3rd, DANDE will exit the full illumination period, and this may initiate some changes in DANDE’s activity and we hope that we will hear from DANDE again.

Your reports have been invaluable in determining DANDE’s state through our entire lifetime, and we appreciate every beacon we have received from all over the world. This is a critical time period in DANDE’s life, and because of our location, we can only staff a limited number of passes ourselves. We are lucky to have such great support from the Ham community and hope that you can help us in finding our satellite, beginning February 3rd. You can find DANDE’s most recent TLEs and frequency on our website.

The DANDE Team


1 39267U 13055C   14026.17985884  .00013544  00000-0  46173-3 0  1111
2 39267 080.9937 197.5170 0785222 188.1998 170.5777 13.99136847 16568

DANDE silent

The last few days have been a very sad few for the DANDE team. For the
first time on orbit we have not had any contact or heard of or made any
contact for over 36 hours. The last time we were able to receive from the
satellite was on the evening of January 9th MST. During this pass the
satellite was still beaconing but would not acknowledge any attempts we made
to establish contact.

Any help you can provide in observing additional passes would be much
appreciated. Thank you for how much you have helped us so far it has been
invaluable. The frequency is 436.75MHz and the identifier is 39267.

Thank You,
Brenden Hogan