Italian EduSat Launch August 7

EduSAT is funded and coordinated by Italian Space Agency with the aim to promote space education among high school students
and to support the qualification and scientific careers of young people, as university students, PhD students and young researchers.
Another target of this program is to develop a small space mission for low cost scientific experiments and technological tests in

Edusat is currently slated to launch on a Russian Dnepr-1 on 7 August.
Its downlink will operate under an Italian Telecommunications Ministry experimental licence on 435.750 MHz. The data rates are 9.6 kbit/s in downlink and 1.2 kbit/s in uplink. In addition, a back-up S-band channel may be used with a downlink rates of 38.8 kbit/s.

There are no PocketQubs inside EduSat but they will test the release mechanism (without any objects).

The Group of Astrodynamics of the “Sapienza” University of Roma (GAUSS) web page is here.