TEVEL-3 transponder active

We have tried to activate Tevel-3 FM transponder for 24 hours starting at around 08:00UTC.
Please try to use.

Uplink 145.970 MHz, Downlink 436.400 MHz FM

David 4X1DG

1 50988U 22002E 22338.10588645 .00008605 00000-0 43699-3 0 9994
2 50988 97.4618 42.3409 0009026 186.6085 210.5807 15.17101313 49111

Alfacrux QSL Card

Dear DK3WN.

The AlfaCrux team would like to thank you for your cooperation in collecting telemetry data from our space mission! In acknowledgment, we attach an electronic QSL card with the date of the first telemetry received on our records. We are working to make all contributions received available in our online database in the coming months.

In addition, we would like to inform you that the first AlfaCrux telemetry record in our database was performed by the ham radio Roland Zurmely, call sign PY4ZBZ. Moreover, during the first 6 months of operation, the largest number of telemetry files received by the AlfaCrux team came from the ham radio Rogério Pimentel, call sign PY2PIM. A special thanks to both ham radio colleagues was posted on the official website of the AlfaCrux mission, we kindly invite you to check it at https://lodestar.aerospace.unb.br/projects/alfacrux.


Renato A. Borges (PU2ERB), PhD
Associate Professor, Electrical Eng. Dept., UnB.
Coordinator of the Laboratory of Simulation and Control of Aerospace Systems, UnB.
Senior Member IEEE.