NOAA-18 – disturbance in the Central Pacific is expected to become a hurricane

There appears to be a quick developing potential hurricane south of us. It is forecast to move north which means it could be
here fast. As warm as the ocean is there is plenty of energy out there. I will post these and NOAA 18’s images on my site.

73 Robert, NH7WN


As expected, NOAA 18s shots cut off most of the storm to the south. Interesting is that the storm to the north may actually
force the developing hurricane more towards Oahu than predicted??? Also notice on the big island. I believe the glow from the volcano
producing the VOG plume is actually visible as a distinct bright light. The next few days will be interesting.

Metop-B image 20 Aug 2015, 1920 UTC, (c) EUMETSAT