LUSAT-1 alive at night!

We knew that our LUSAT start transmitting again a couple of years ago, but only when illuminated by sun, and was not heard during the night.
On the occasion of testing the application saw there was a nightly pass, which was tried to listen.
Without much hope tuned 437.125 MHz, surprised to hear the usual strong 900mW continuous carrier +/- Doppler, but this time after 22 minutes of being LUSAT in the dark.
Commenting locally, several other hams also tried and received LUSAT.
It’s almost a miracle that after almost 25 years, LUSAT vintage Ni-Cd batteries can receive and hold charge.
It seems LUSAT is willing to greet hams on his ‘Silver Jubilee’ due next Jan-22 thru continuing talking with us from space after its more than 128,000 orbits. The LO-19, next to Oscar-7 and UO-11 is one of the most long-lived active amateur satellites.
We have included short report and audio on , Amsat-LU logs.

More information on LUSAT (although in Spanish) on
Reports welcomed at info at

73, lu7abf, Pedro

24th anniversary of LUSAT

On the January 22, 2014, the first Argentine satellite LUSAT celebrates its 24th anniversary of the launching and even emits a faint carrier. To commemorate Amsat Argentina, LU7AA issues a commemorative QSL, shown here, a single contact, during the “Week of LUSAT”, from Friday 17 to Sunday 26 January 2014.
It will operate as multiband and multimode, including phone, CW and digital modes such as PSK, RTTY, APRS and SSTV and satellite, and as the operation is organized, it will be published and updated the operating schedule is below for easy QSOs at frequencies less usual ways.
Satellite contacts will be made in principle by the SO-50, which is active, which could add others.
Will, in any operation of transponders / repeaters used in balloon flights and / or development for future satellite.
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LO-19 status

This morning at 08:28 UTC it was back on with the very strong signal. Dots and Dashes at random.
73 OZ1MY, Ib

I just listen to orb. 23048 pass, a very low one here in France, max. elev. about 5 deg., but LO-19 was on again without a doubt, signal like a chain of “… T T T T T …”, not strong as usual because of the low elevation and of my degenerated receiving stuff, also the small GPA hided in the attic…
But next pass with a max. elev. a little more than 30 deg. should be great (around 1145/1150 UTC). Best 73 ! J-P/F5YG

I confirm, heard LO-19, only dashes at 10:06 UTC strong signal! Regards. de 4z5cp, Dimitry

Pass of orb. #23049 (AOS 11:43 UTC) and #23050 (AOS 13:22 UTC) was heard as previously (before yesterday blackout). J-P/F5YG

Same here over Brazil , only dashes very strong as usual , now 16:33 UTC. 73 PY5LF, Luciano

LUSAT-1 is back in sunlight

LUSAT-1 (LO-19) CW Beacon on 437.125 KHz quit transmiting on Dec-2012 after 23 years of operation, only a very weak carrier from local osc could be copied.
Recent reports state that LUSAT was again heard, today we received a regular signal compatible with LUSAT on 437.125 +/- Doppler in two passes.
By the strong level and QRG of the signal it corresponds to LUSAT.
Modulation is CW without a morse logic, just some dots, regular spaces and sometime a dash, no information is decoded, not always the same sequence or message.

Any further heard or reports appreciated.

AMSAT Argentina



21:10 UTC More LUSAT Fun :)
E LUSAT HIHI AO {­­­­­­­-------}VA AB4 TNB {­­­---.-.}NA TNT AB6 {-----.­­­­}44 {-----.}E4
E LUSAT HIHI AO {­­­­­­­-------}VA AB4 TNB {­­­---.-.}NA TNT AB6 {-----­­­­­.}44 {­­­­­-----.}E4
E LUSAT HIHI AO {­­­­­­­-------}VA AB4 TN {­­­---.-.}NA TNT AB6 {-----­­­­­.}4B {­­­­­-----.}E4
E LUSAT HIHI AO {­­­­­­­-------}VA AB4 TN {---­­­.-.}NA TNT AB6 {-----­­­­.-.}4U {­­­­­-----.}E4
E LUSAT HIHI AO {­­­­­­­-------}VA AB4 TN {---­­­.-.}NA TNT AB6 {­­­­­­-----.}4U {­­­­­-----.}E4
E LUSAT HIHI AO {­­­­­­­-------}VA AB4 TN {­­­---.-.}NA TNN ABB {-----­­­­­­.}4U {­­­­­-----.}E4