LO-19 status

This morning at 08:28 UTC it was back on with the very strong signal. Dots and Dashes at random.
73 OZ1MY, Ib

I just listen to orb. 23048 pass, a very low one here in France, max. elev. about 5 deg., but LO-19 was on again without a doubt, signal like a chain of “… T T T T T …”, not strong as usual because of the low elevation and of my degenerated receiving stuff, also the small GPA hided in the attic…
But next pass with a max. elev. a little more than 30 deg. should be great (around 1145/1150 UTC). Best 73 ! J-P/F5YG

I confirm, heard LO-19, only dashes at 10:06 UTC strong signal! Regards. de 4z5cp, Dimitry

Pass of orb. #23049 (AOS 11:43 UTC) and #23050 (AOS 13:22 UTC) was heard as previously (before yesterday blackout). J-P/F5YG

Same here over Brazil , only dashes very strong as usual , now 16:33 UTC. 73 PY5LF, Luciano

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