TuPod is silent now – but mission accomplished :-)

Last night we have seen small blips on the TuPod frequency every 5s, hoping frequency randomly in 6khz interval (the deviation of the TuPOD radio) and that it seems to follow the doppler of 41936, it looks to me like the TuPOD rebooting every 5s with the batteries almost empty.

At the 2103 UTC pass I saw a steady carrier (all pass long).

In the upcoming pass I coould see those blibs as well. The same in the 0014 UTC pass.
The blibs were very weaker in the 0150 UTC pass and in my last pass around 0327 UTC I saw only a very few and very weak ones.

TuPod has been designed to survive only few days. The EPS is made by not recheargeable batteries and its main mission was to release the tubesats before reentry.