01:21 UTC FF001801000000304201D000F9 (JA6PL)
01:25 UTC FF000900070000304201D000F8 (JA6PL)
01:29 UTC FF000007070000304201D00000 (JA6PL)
07:47 UTC 82052930230000304201cc00ff (DK3WN)
07:51 UTC 83072829300000004201cc0000 (DK3WN)
09:24 UTC ff000007060000304201cc00ff (DK3WN)
09:28 UTC ..00.801000000304201cc00f4 (DK3WN)
12:11 UTC ..000000000000004201cc1205 (JA6PL)
12:15 UTC 29000000000000004201cc0703 (JA6PL, JA1GDE)
12:19 UTC 29000000000000004201cc0708 (JA6PL, JA1GDE)
18:49 UTC 29000000000000004201cc0706 (DK3WN)
18:53 UTC 29000000000000004201cc0704 (DK3WN)
20:21 UTC 29000000000000004201cc10ee (DK3WN)
20:25 UTC 29000000000000004201cc1206 (DK3WN)
20:29 UTC 29000000000000004201cc1204 (DK3WN)
22:02 UTC 29000000000000004201cc0707 (DK3WN)
22:06 UTC 29000000000000004201cc0706 (DK3WN)

We have made another image today but canceled download. It seems the image is totally white and contains no dark parts. Perhaps COMPASS was directly pointing to the sun (or earth) and the autoexposure doesn’t work properly.

October 17, 2008 09:27 UTC (over Poland)

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