RS-39 daily summary

Work continues with the SC “Chibis-M”. Between 22:25 MSK 29.01.2012 at 09:00 MSK 30.01.2012 were held five sessions with the ground control in Krasnoyarsk and 5 sessions with ground control in Kaluga.

Parameters of the systems on board are in the range of valid values.

Performed a test of the inclusion of scientific equipment. Registered normal increase in current consumption. Implemented test equipment include high-speed data transmission at a frequency of 2270 MHz. The carrier was received at the ground complex in Kaluga with a level of up to +26 db of noise, but also reported the presence of high-frequency signal from the spacecraft to the ground receiving scientific telemetry data in Tarusa. There are plans to continue the work with high-speed data reception on board the satellite.

Data transmission in Morse code to be resumed at 21:40 UTC.

Upcoming scheduled communications sessions with the spacecraft, “Chibis-M”:

NKU Krasnoyarsk 21:47:35 UTC
NKU Kaluga 00:55:46 UTC

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