Requesting AO-27 Telemetry & Reception Reports

AO-27’s on/off times run open-loop and have drifted a bit so that the information on is out of date. We’re trying to collect current telemetry before attempting to upload new settings.

AO-27 sends 20 seconds of AFSK telemetry followed by 240 seconds of FM repeater operation during descending nodes (North to South passes). As best we can determine from Satnogs observations, the satellite currently turns on when near the equator and shuts off at about 12-14 deg South latitude. Stations with UHF receive capability should be able to receive the telemetry and detect/use the FM repeater operation.

We think the ascending node on time begins when AO-27 is at about 75 deg N latitude and ends around 85 deg N as the satellite begins the descending part of the orbit. Stations probably have to be fairly far north with good northern horizons to hear anything. No telemetry is sent on ascending node passes.

The AO-27 command team would greatly appreciate reception reports, especially with the time(s) telemetry or repeater operation started/ended. Please provide station location, 6 character grid square is sufficient.
If you have AFSK reception/decode capability, any telemetry successfully decoded.
Reports from northern stations able to copy the start or end of the ascending node on time are also sought.

Please send reports to

Thanks in advance from the AO-27 command team.
de KS1G

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