PSAT Satgates in Eastern USA

We need more Tracking Satgates in the eastern USA.

During the last pass Solidly over Eastern USA and dozens of packets and many users, only two packets made it to the APRS-IS. So there seems to be a paucity of Oscar class SatGates at the moment.. Of course tracking and gain antennas are not needed for SatGates for the ISS, but are essential for PSAT.

So if anyone in the USA has rotors and wants to exercise them and put a little wear and tear on them for the next week or so, please feel free to come on line.

We are trying to get PSAT properly set up for its attitude control and for it to know where it is, and we need more data for a while.
We are getting solid data horizon to horizon over Europe, but very little over the USA.

I completely understand the usual need not to keep rotors running for routine. That is why we want to develop the Omni Satgates. But until we get enough of them on line, we welcome more conventional tracking SatGates for a while.


Bob, Wb4APR

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