IDEASSat QSL Reporting Form

THX for helping us to keep track of IDEASSat by receiving and recording beacon packets. The flight data provided within has really helped us to keep track of the spacecraft functions and have been critical in the operation of this mission.

As a sign of our appreciation, we would like to send out QSL cards to those of you who have provided beacon packet recordings. This includes:

– Recordings of beacon audio: IQ, WAV, or OGG file recordings of beacon signals. If we can hear the period between individual packets, this really helps us to determine the operational state of the spacecraft flight software. Safe and Nominal modes have 30 seconds between beacons. Low power Phoenix mode has 60 seconds between beacons.

– Beacon spectral information: Images or videos of beacon spectral data, such as waterfall plots, can help us to understand the operational state of the spacecraft flight software, as well as whether the spacecraft is tumbling.

– Beacon telemetry: Derived from decoded IQ, WAV, or OGG file recordings of beacon signals. We also welcome hexadecimal results run through the gr-satellites satellite decoder:

Understanding the rig and two line (orbit) elements that you used to receive the beacons will also help us in improving our own ground station and tracking setup.

=== Station Info ===
Frequency: 437.345 MHz
Modulation: GMSK 9600 bps
Orbit Elements: TBR. See Since IDEASSat was deployed along with several other spacecraft, the exact space object corresponding to the spacecraft is still in flux. As of 2021/01/30, IDEASSat has been associated with 2021-006AV (international designator 21006AV) and 2021-006AX (21006AX).

=== How to provide reception reports ===

Please upload files to the following shared drive and provide the link to the specific file in this form:

Alternatively, if you run a ground station on SatNOGS, please provide the link(s) to your observation.

Looking forward to your QSLs. THX and ’73s!

Dr. Loren Chang (BM2NNF, KC0YGM)
National Central University, Taiwan

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