DSLWP-B1 decoded (23/25)

… not a bad morning. I could decode 23/25 B1 beacons with RTL-SDR.

11 Jun 06:00 UTC el. 35 deg range 354530 km to
11 Jun 08:00 UTC el. 49 deg range 354160 km

I used AirSpy SDR for the first two beacons.

MASPRO 435HS20 2×20 el-X Yagi, 13.2 dBD RHCP SP-7000 ssb-electronic 20db/0.9
15 mtr H2000-Flex coax

3 thoughts on “DSLWP-B1 decoded (23/25)”

  1. congrats Mike ! Time to get my Mastpro’ s up ! Are you using PA0DLO tracking software ? MfG PD0OXW Albert

  2. Hi Albert, yes, it’s worth it. I also have to bring my 144MHz MASPRO up to the roof. Currently the antenna is still in the garden … I manually tracked this time.
    73 Mike

  3. Same for me Mike. Two sets Maspro in the garden (one having a 70cm SWR problem in the harness ! Will try to use the coming months to get things up, learn the provided Linux tools and track ! If the German team is doing as qualified as you in this matter they will become Fussbal Welmeister this year again without problem ! 73

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