discussion pt.2

Mark, N8ME – I concur with Chris. I cannot thank Mike DK3WN enough for all of the help he has provided my ability to capture and decode telemetry. In fact, without his help, I wouldn’t be able to do much with AO-16 and its telemetry…
His occasional posting of telemetry is a good reminder that these birds are alive and working well. He doesn’t post every telemetry frame, every day. His posts are periodic and helpful. So…THANKS Mike :) 73, Mark N8MH

John, KB2HSH – I also appreciate an update on TLM of the various satellites, since I listen for…and study…and report on the health and “fitness” of several of them. Alex…I will always RESPECT your opinion, but please….don’t heckle or belittle the interests or pursuits of others. Think of it this way….it was the collection of your so-called SPAM TLM that led to AO-16’s new life.
Thank you, Mike…for doing what some of us haven’t had time to do ourselves!

John, G7HIA – At the risk of getting flamed – I am quite happy to see the occasional telemetry postings on this bb.
Mike DK3WN does a great job with FREE software which you can download off his web site. It has software for telemetry decode for just about all of the current satellites. Software is easy to load and use, and works. Give it a try, telemetry can be fun.
If you want an up to the minute quick overview of which sats are being heard/worked go to KD5QGR’s site http://oscar.dcarr.org You can post your reports there too.
73 John G7HIA

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