CUTE-I problems

cute 6ca54e80da39aa07306f6f7ab3
cute 71a6517fdf39aa072070707bb2
cute 6ea45180db39aa07206f6f7cb2
cute ..a65180d839aa07206f6f7ab2
cute 76a55280..39aa072070707ab1
cute 6fa55480db39aa0720706f7ab1
cute 78a55480dd39aa07206e6f...1
cute 6fa65580da39aa07206f6f7ab1
cute 71a4547fd639aa07206f6f79b1
cute 6fa5567fdb39aa07206e6f79b0
cute 70a55580d939aa07206f6f78b0
cute 72a6587fdc39aa07206e6f79b0
cute 6fa65680d439aa07206f7079af
cute 6ca5517fd639aa07206f6e79af
cute 6fa65a7fda39aa0720706f78ae
cute 6aa5537fdc39aa0720706f79ad
cute 67a65a80d739aa07206f6f79ad
cute 61a65680db39aa07206e6f70ad
cute 5fa65b7fd539aa07206f6f78ac
cute 57a5557fde39aa0720706f79ac
cute 5aa45b80d439aa07206f6f79ab
cute 59a65a7fda39aa0720707079ab
cute 68a55e7fd839aa0720707077ab
cute 5fa55e7fdd39aa0720706f78aa
cute 56a65f7fd739aa0720707077aa
cute 55a45780dc39aa0720706f77a9
cute 54a45f80d839aa0720707077aa


Hiroki Ashida CUTE-I recovered! Thank you very much for your cooperation. We have two steps to execute commands. First, we have to send a “confirmation command” and if it is accepted, 4bytes (character 11 to 14) of CW telemetry change to specific characters.
> cute 6ca54e80da39aa07306f6f7ab3 -> 39aa
Then, we can send a “execute command” to execute the command. If no commands are received, those characters are “ffff”.
For this several days, CUTE-I was unable to keep its command. While we transmit “confirmation commands”,
CW telemetry is always “ffff”(=command empty) as can be seen in your report.

> cute 6fa55c80d5ffff4720fcfe7bb3
> cute 6a.45a80d7ffff4720ffff7ab2
> cute 6ca65d7fd5ffff4720f6fc7bb0
> cute 6da45d7fd8ffff4720fefe7bb1

So, I restarted the Comm. MPU of CUTE-I last night. Though I couldn’t confirm the results, your report told me that the operation was success.

> cute 6ca54e80da39aa07306f6f7ab3
> cute 71a6517fdf39aa072070707bb2

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