CubeBug-1 telemetry

10:32 UTC – 80 deg elevation pass, decoded 13 packets in a row :-)


Hi all,
Today at 14 utc in an excellent pass, I can reset and take a picture, TLM shows survival after reset and the next frame switch to mission, which is good! Interesting also the experience of Mike, just 1,7 Db more gain + 3Db for circular to linear seems to be a big reward in RX, I’m also using linear 4 x DJ9BV about 24.9 dbi, so maybe is a good idea to have a table with gain and results.


In the picture I show in the top of the waterfall the command sent, and after that you can see the picture data, this is the first time I can do with RTL dongle connected to a splitter at the antenna, without passing by the TS2000.
73, Adrian Sinclair

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