CubeBug-1 status

09:30 UTC Cubebug is ON (30 sec intervall) over Europe – DK3WN
12:14 UTC ON over Japan (JA0CAW)
13:05 UTC ON max elevation 15 deg (LU4EOU)


Hi all, just to let you know that we had an very good 78° pass over Bariloche… we could not decode any bit yet, but still, we know some things. Take a look at the image, it tells a story.
At the same time Adrian was listening and commanding from his station, so we have some more chances of seeing a decode. The I2C bus was working, so we may have some interesting results.

===============[ TelemetryBeaconPacket ]===============
Uptime: 1h18m12s, Mode: SURVIVAL
FreeHeapSize: 13320 bytes [0x00003408]
Battery: 7.84 V (low_voltage count: 3)
Array X: 7.82 V, [+] 139.77 mA, [-] 139.77 mA
Array Y: 8.53 V, [+] 139.77 mA, [-] 341.82 mA
Array Z: 3.90 V, [+] 220.02 mA, [-] 284.11 mA
Bus 3v3: 209.70 mA,
5v: -271.02 mA
Temp Battery: 14.06 C,
Radio: 15.12 C Last Seen Seq: 3,
Next Beacon Enable: 0
Antenna count: 16,
deploy: false [0x10]
Magnetometer (X, Y, Z): (-20.100, 2.100, 64.300) [milligauss]
Gyroscope (X, Y, Z): (20.267, -10.664, -16.312) [degrees per second]
IMU 3000 Temp (C): 9.12
Payload length: 0


b is the autonomous beacon. It’s every 12.5s (we always said 10s, but it’s really 12.5) B is the “forced” beacon, every 32.5 secs (we say 30s for short) rc is a rejected command (either corrupted or repeated sequence number) reset is the messages the CubeBug-1 sends when its reset foto, whell… it’s spanish for photo :)

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