Alan, ZL2BX: A mixed day today. The 2124, 70 deg pass was very poor. Difficult to command. I had the dump command accepted twice but nothing on the downlink. A few HK commands were accepted but only 14 frame for the entire pass.

I decided to do a dump on the 2313 10 deg pass on the theory that any data was better than none. Managed to get 507 frames with regular missed frames because of satellite short fades.

00:03 UTC ....0057400001300502D40000 JA1GDE
00:07 UTC 99006026140001300502D100FF JA1GDE
00:19 UTC 54420709070001300502d20000 VK5HI
00:23 UTC 80291100180001000502d00000 VK5HI
00:27 UTC 70301207080701000502d60003 VK5HI
00:30 UTC 7614070733240............. VK5HI
07:36 UTC 29000000000001000502cc1607 NH7WN
07:40 UTC 29000000000001000502cc1507 NH7WN
12:10 UTC 40000130490001000502d00007 VK5HI
12:14 UTC 29000000000001000502d01310 VK5HI
12:18 UTC 29000000000001000502d01507 VK5HI
21:12 UTC 82070050500701000502d50000 NH7WN
23:04 UTC ff070700000501300502d00000 VK5HI
23:09 UTC e0304500000001300502cc0007 VK5HI
23:12 UTC f8071000000001300502cc0... VK5HI

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