Alan, ZL2BX:
Well Compass signals were back to normal on my 2311ut 8 deg pass with good command and data down to 1 deg.
At the start of the pass the commands were accepted but nothing on the downlink but this came right about mid pass.
I heard a beacon at the start of the pass that consisted of a long string of 3’s. Colin will probably report it.

00:08 UTC 5203090795070130D203D70000 JA0CAW
00:12 UTC 5500303438050100D203D900FF JA0CAW
00:16 UTC BB07004058000130D203D20000 JA0CAW
00:27 UTC ff09070000020130d203d10005 VK5HI
00:31 UTC f600000000150130d203d00001 VK5HI
00:35 UTC f500010000160130d203d00005 VK5HI
12:19 UTC 2900000000000100d203d10709 VK5HI
12:23 UTC 2900000000000100d203d10707 VK5HI
12:27 UTC 2900000000000100d203d013ee VK5HI

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