CAPE-2 and PicoDragon status

Hi everybody !

CAPE-2 began again to be heard evening in Europe, and the PicoDragon continue to be heard but more and more early in the morning and the usable orbits will soon sink here in the darkness of the dawn.
Was received :

orbit nr 818 January 12th;
orbit nr 833 January 13th;
orbit nr 848 January 14th (for this last one today, CW beacon: "W5UL CAPE2 GN V5250").

orbit nr 621 December 29th;
orbit nr 622 December 29th;
orbit nr 623 December 29th;
orbit nr 654 December 31st;
orbit nr 762 January 7th;
orbit nr 791 January 9th;
orbit nr 806 January 10th;
orbit nr 822 January 11th;
orbit nr 853 January 13th;
orbit nr 869 January 14th (CW beacon: "5 PICODRAGON VIETNAM 5").

Have a nice day, 73 !
Jean-Pierre F5YG

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