ARTSAT 2 DESPATCH – 2.715.228km from Earth

We are proud to announce that on 9 December 2014, at 9:50:23 p.m. UTC we received signals from the ARTSAT 2: DESPATCH space probe, which was at this time at distance of 2.715.228 km from Earth. According to the status on 10 December 2014 it is a record distance. No one else on Earth received radio signal from this space probe from such a distance.

Artsat 37 2 714 348km_marked_big

Our station operators during all of seven nights were: Piotr SP5MG, Piotr SP5ULN, Lukasz SQ5RWU and MichaƂ SQ5KTM.
Technical support: SQ7GMO, SQ5DRC, team of a few PIAP Institute employees
Guests invited to our station: SP5XMU, SQ5NWI, SQ5AAG, and some more persons.

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