AO-73 glitch + commanded reboot

Hi All,

We have had an anomaly on FUNcube-1 that required us to reboot the satellites MCU (Microcontroller).
After a bus freeze, the databus watchdog did kick in as expected and rebooted the satellite. However, we did need to command the satellite back on to automatic mode. When we did so on the 20:00 UTC pass, it came back up in the correct mode.
We envisage to switch back to autonomous mode either tonight or tomorrow morning local time.

FUNcube is still happy and healthy. This is the 4th reboot since launch, of which one was intentional. Thanks for your reports and concerns.

On behalf of the whole team best 73s,

Wouter Weggelaar
FUNcube team

Nothing heard from AO-73 17:08 UTC pass in the middle of NA… I did hear a some what of a hetradime sound at the beacon frequency, and it was moving and when i pointed the antenna away from AO-73, it got weaker. Hopefully all it needs is a reset.
Nicholas Mahr

16:50 UTC pass over the Finland was silent. No detectable signals within AO-73 bandwidth
Jari / OH2FQV

Good morning,
At around 15:33 UTC, while the satellite was over North America, the AO-73 transponder switched off. The satellite continued to send telemetry, but from checking the Data Warehouse, it seems all the values are way off.
The beacon was quite strong, so it may have been transmitting full power telemetry.
73, Paul, N8HM

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