20:56 UTC
tsep146 tuf0 tbi169 tspa156 tspb255 mcon69 sma159 smb163 mra11 mrb14
rs38 ubs196 uab183 ibs19 iab108 isp0 tab160 tsep146 tuf0 tbi169 tspa148 tspb255 mcon69 sma156 smb166 mra11 mrb14
rs38 ubs195 uab182 ibs19 iab108 isp0 tab160 tsep146 tuf0 tbi168 tspa142 tspb255 mcon69

09:28 UTC
tbi170 tspa162 tspb255 mcon69 sma109 smb102 mra11 mrb14
rs38 ubs192 uab179 ibs18 iab110 isp0 tab161 tsep146 tuf0 tbi170 tspa154 tspb255 mcon69 sma112 smb103 mra11 mrb14
rs38 ubs191 uab178 ibs17 iab110 isp0 tab161 tsep146 tuf0 tbi169 tspa146 tspb255 mcon69 sma122 smb103 mra11 mrb14

2 thoughts on “RS-38”

  1. It would be helpful if the receive frequency was posted along with the copied data. I’m still trying to figure out who is who as to RS-28 and RS-38 and what frequency is active.

  2. RS-38 (TATIANA-2) is sending CW telemetry on 435.490MHz. Please note that the TLEs on SpaceTrack are swapped. RS-38 is NORAD TLE #35869.
    RS-28 (UGATUSAT) failed due a malfunction and is silent.

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