POPSAT-HIP1 close encounter

JSpOC has informed us that POPSAT will have close encounter with SCC #17296 with this details:
Time of Closest Approach: 2014/11/22 17:55:35.000(UTC)
Overall miss distance: 989.0m
Radial miss distance (RELATIVE_POSITION_R): 1.1m
In-Track miss distance (RELATIVE_POSITION_T): -920.7m
Cross-track miss distance (RELATIVE_POSITION_N): 361.4m.

Just in case you’re tuning in your radio tonight or tomorrow morning, we really appreciate your help in listening to POPSAT and confirming his health after the encounter.
Thanks again for your time in advance.

Best Regards,
Yesie 9V1SQ
Microspace Rapid Pte Ltd

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