JUGNU CW (Its Name swapped with SRMSAT ) in 2LE Keps

16:09 16:25 UTC
jugnu mpppdanoeaateaaanzxyaaacgaaav
jugnu mpppdaooeaateaaanzxyaaadgaaav
jugnu mpppdaapeaateaaanzxyaaacgaaas
jugnu mpppdabpeaateaaanzxyaaabgaaao
jugnu mpppdabegaateaaanzxyaaacgaaat
jugnu mpppdaepeaateaaanzxyaaaagaaas
jugnu mpppdafpeaateaaanzxyaaafgaaas

Still I’ve noticed the swap between the names of SRMSAT and JUGNU satellite since last week?? Kep elements are ok .Only the names had been swapped.!!!


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