Alan, ZL2BX: The 20:51 UTC, 29 deg pass had the usual problem. Difficult to get commands accepted and when they were there was nothing on the downlink. The 22:27 UTC, 25 deg pass was OK. Good command and data apart from a couple of short polarization fades that lost a few frames.

01:06 UTC FF000709040001300900D000F8 JA6PL, JA1GDE
01:10 UTC FF000010070001300900D000F7 JA6PL, JA1GDE
01:14 UTC F4002900000001300900D000FF JA6PL, JA1GDE
23:47 UTC FF000007070001300900CC00FF JA1GDE
23:51 UTC FF000007090001300900CC00F8 JA1GDE

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