Alan, ZL2BX: Compass a bit erratic these days. Yesterday two passes. The first had very weak signals and command performance poor so only a few frames. Second pass the commands were accepted but no signals on the downlink at all. Today the first 14 deg pass was good but the second 62 deg pass had good command performance but again nothing on the downlink for the entire pass.

00:24 UTC FF00000707000130CC03CC00FF JA1GDE
00:27 UTC FF00080703000130CC03CC00FF JA1GDE
01:41 UTC 4700000000000100CC03CC05FF AC4AV
08:01 UTC 2900000000000100cc03cc0700 NH7WN
08:05 UTC 3300000000000100cc03cc1201 NH7WN
12:35 UTC 2900000000000100cc03cc0703 VK5HI
12:38 UTC 2900000000000100cc03cc1004 VK5HI
12:42 UTC 2900000000000l00cc03cc1105 VK5HI
19:56 UTC ff00180100000130cc03cc00e7 NH7WN
20:00 UTC f900180000080130cc03cc0002 NH7WN
23:24 UTC ff00000018000130cc03cc0004 VK5HI
23:28 UTC f808080000060130cc03cc0002 VK5HI
23:32 UTC ff06070000000130cc03cc00ff VK5HI

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