Alan, ZL2BX: Two Compass passes this morning. The first one (15 deg) very hard to command so only 4 frames. The second (58 deg) did an interesting thing. I did an HK dump and excellent data until it stopped after about 400 frames for a beacon. However after the beacon finished it did not start up again. I waited for the next beacon to finish but still the FM Tx did not start again. I sent a 60 command and Compass immediately came to life again and finished the HK dump! Missed a few frames (39) towards the end as Compass was approaching LOS but otherwise a good dump.

00:24 UTC .......603000130CC03D600F9 JA0CAW
00:28 UTC 5007AA0000200100CC03D500FF JA0CAW
00:32 UTC FF00001814000130CC03D600FF JA0CAW
00:36 UTC 6000631007000100CC03D100FF JA0CAW
00:43 UTC .........0070130cc03d600ff VK5HI
00:47 UTC 7018000340500100cc03d50002 VK5HI
00:51 UTC 6924002219000100cc03d00005 VK5HI
00:55 UTC 4900290000000100cc03cc0904 VK5HI
01:42 UTC ..00000000000100CC03CC07FF AC4AV
01:46 UTC FF00000007080130CC03D100F5 AC4AV
03:18 UTC 8700000000530100CC03D00000 AC4AV
03:22 UTC 8000000098280130CC03D700FF AC4AV
04:59 UTC FF00000018000130.......... AC4AV
08:01 UTC .......000000100cc03cc0705 NH7WN
08:05 UTC 2900000000000100cc03cc1003 NH7WN
16:35 UTC ........50080130CC03D500FF AC4AV
16:39 UTC 5500642109000100CC03D000FF AC4AV
18:16 UTC FF00000707000130CC03D000F9 AC4AV
19:38 UTC d300000058400100cc03d0000f DK3WN
23:10 UTC FF01440200000130CC03D600FF JA0CAW
23:14 UTC F501510000000130CC03D600FF JA0CAW
23:29 UTC 7200001220070100cc03d00004 VK5HI
23:33 UTC 6100000000500100cc03d10006 VK5HI
23:37 UTC 6500000072540100cc03d70009 VK5HI

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