COMPASS-1 back to 4k8 MSK mode


I switched COMPASS back to 4k8 MSK mode this morning

01:30 UTC ................c703d60002 VK5HI
01:34 UTC f418090008040130c703d600ff VK5HI
01:37 UTC f512001507000130c703d600ff VK5HI
02:28 UTC FF00010901000130C703CC00FF AC4AV
02:32 UTC FF00000706000130C703D000F5 AC4AV
04:05 UTC FF00000019000130C703CC00F3 AC4AV
10:31 UTC FF07070000000130C703CC00FF JA0CAW
10:35 UTC FF00010000120130C703CC0001 JA0CAW
10:51 UTC ff00000709000130c703cc00ff DK3WN
10:55 UTC ff00160700000130c703cc00f7 DK3WN
10:58 UTC ff00280000000130c703cc00ff DK3WN
11:45 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1009 VK5HI
11:49 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0707 VK5HI
11:53 UTC 2900000000000100c703c91206 VK5HI
15:45 UTC FF00070009000130C703CC00FF AC4AV
17:22 UTC 7012004750190100C703d500FF AC4AV
20:43 UTC ff00150400000130c703d000ff NH7WN
20:47 UTC f800290000000130c703d00002 NH7WN
23:52 UTC FF00180000000130C703D100FF JA0CAW
23:56 UTC FF00000018000130C703D100F6 JA0CAW

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