AO-73 : Funcube-1

Rotation Period

31 Jul 2020 = 1155.0 seconds (from WOD data)
01 Aug 2020 = 2430.0 seconds (from WOD data)
02 Aug 2020 = 647.1 seconds (from WOD data)
03 Aug 2020 = 589.0 seconds (from WOD data)
04 Aug 2020 = TBA
05 Aug 2020 = TBA
06 Aug 2020 = TBA

For the first time in 6 plus years I have been unable to determine a daily spin value for AO-73. Make that three days.
The panel temperatures suggest that AO-73 may have ceased rotation whereas the WOD’s retrieved from the telemetry downloads over VK do indicate rotation but are indeterminate.
Analysis of the WOD files is challenging due to the 1 minute integration of the 5 second real time telemetry, which gives rise to a level of aliasing.
AO-73 is expected to be in full sun by August 10th.
73 de Colin VK5HI.

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