UWE-3 News: Ongoing transmission test – change of frequency

18 days values

We would like to clarify our current satellite operations:
After having finished our tests at the temporary frequency of 435.000 MHz we have switched back to our nominal frequency of 437.385 MHz. This frequency will be set until we have finished the necessary preparation for another temporary change to (presumably) 436.400 MHz. We will keep you informed about ongoing operations and will prepare a notice when the frequency change has been performed and acknowledged. Meanwhile, UWE-3 will be sending beacons on its nominal frequency of 437.385 MHz, which is also the case if during the tests unforeseen events occur. Therefore, if in doubt, tune to 437.385 MHz for UWE-3 reception.
Thank you all for your support and we are happy to receive feedback on any UWE-3 reception at the mentioned frequencies.

Yours sincerely,

UWE-3 Team


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