We want to encourage all radio amateurs to send us the received signals from UWE-2. We know the great commitment of the radio community and would like to integrate you into our UWE-2 mission .
UWE-2 is sending regularly beacons which contain housekeeping data, like temperature on-board or solar cell current. When UWE-2 is over Europe it will also be possible to listen to the experiments planned with UWE-2. If you are able to receive the signals from UWE-2, we would be very happy if you could send us the data.
UWE-2 is sending its data over the AX.25 protocol. The frequency of UWE-2 is 437.385 MHz, the signals are modulated 1200 baud AFSK. To decode the signals you need a Terminal Node Controller (TNC) for demodulating the signal from the radio, alternatively you can use the soundcard of your PC to record the data, software for decoding from line-in is freely available in the internet (e.g. soundmodem). You can send us the received signals either in a decoded text-file or even better as a recorded sound-file (e.g. .wav).

Please send reports to uwe2@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de

1 99999U 09999P   09266.27738472  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0 00018
2 99999 098.2960 000.8503 0002212 328.3707 241.0884 14.50336350000001

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