Update SWSU-55 – telemetry

KETs #1 S=2765 U1=4.80 U2=4.77 T1=13.37 Mx=26.687471 My=4.261025 Mz=52.253620 Vx=-26.839695 Vy=-79.022903 Vz=-57.854961 Time=1028440205 R1=0 R2=0
KETs #1 S=2771 U1=4.93 U2=4.89 T1=14.98 Mx=24.220562 My=13.007339 Mz=76.698448 Vx=25.015266 Vy=-82.198471 Vz=-45.748093 Time=1028683140 R1=0 R2=0
KETs #1 S=2774 U1=4.73 U2=4.70 T1=15.62 Mx=23.547768 My=92.172691 Mz=54.944794 Vx=-17.129770 Vy=-79.206108 Vz=-59.541985 Time=1028790042 R1=0 R2=0
KETs #1 S=2775 U1=4.94 U2=4.91 T1=15.62 Mx=44.628628 My=69.297714 Mz=84.099174 Vx=21.183207 Vy=-81.603050 Vz=-48.900764 Time=1028861142 R1=0 R2=0
KETs #1 S=2776 U1=4.98 U2=4.94 T1=16.27 Mx=48.665386 My=44.180099 Mz=-7.849256 Vx=-70.297707 Vy=-71.038170 Vz=17.580153 Time=1028893012 R1=0 R2=0

RS5S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1126 baud):
SWSU-55 #7 S=8895 U1=4.51 U2=4.36 T1=14.98 Mx=43.058777 My=-40.816132 Mz=-39.919075 Vx=-43.366413 Vy=24.473282 Vz=-61.923664 Time=1005463036 R
RS5S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1127 baud):
SWSU-55 #7 S=8896 U1=4.77 U2=4.76 T1=14.98 Mx=78.492561 My=4.036760 Mz=-20.632330 Vx=-31.969465 Vy=-62.847328 Vz=-30.374046 Time=1005502031 R

RS4S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1142 baud):
SWSU-55 #6 S=1931 U1=4.73 U2=4.70 I1=0.0 T1=22.71 Mx=0.672793 My=86.790344 Mz=9.194843 Vx=0.000000 Vy=0.000000 Vz=0.000000 Time=974092004
RS4S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1142 baud):
SWSU-55 #6 S=1934 U1=4.42 U2=4.31 I1=0.0 T1=23.04 Mx=-18.613951 My=83.202118 Mz=9.643372 Vx=0.000000 Vy=0.000000 Vz=0.000000 Time=974197224
RS4S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1143 baud):
SWSU-55 #6 S=1940 U1=4.78 U2=4.75 I1=0.0 T1=25.29 Mx=-5.606611 My=30.724232 Mz=60.775669 Vx=0.000000 Vy=0.000000 Vz=0.000000 Time=974471104
RS4S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1142 baud):
SWSU-55 #6 S=1941 U1=4.72 U2=4.69 I1=0.0 T1=25.29 Mx=51.356560 My=39.246281 Mz=23.099239 Vx=0.000000 Vy=0.000000 Vz=0.000000 Time=974504127

Meaning of the telemetry channels

S - the number of the packet from the moment the telemetry is turned on or reset
U1 - solar cell voltage V
U2 - battery voltage V
I2 - total current mA
T1 - processor temperature ะก
M# - magnetic field strength micro Tesla three axes xyz
V# - angular velocity deg/sec three axes xyz
Time - the time since the telemetry was turned on or reset in ms

R1 and R2 (only on KETs) – power of calibration transmitters in dBm

SSTV picture sent from RS5S

RS5S and RS6S send the same children’s drawings (shuffled)

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