Update: New POPSAT beacon series

Dear Mike,

Our big thanks to the HAM community who has helped us with the data collection over the past few days.
We’ve compiled them and please find in the attached graphs the battery voltage profile and satellite charging/discharging rate.
The time 0 we use is 17 Sept’14 04:23 UTC (total of ~11 days).
This is more or less our completed first stage.
The next is to start with the current voltage, and further depleting the battery and keep monitoring the discharging rate (as the rate is likely to be higher at the same beacon duty cycle at lower battery voltage).

Tomorrow along with the experiment, we’d like to thank PE0SAT as well for his contribution.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or require any clarifications on the graphs. And thanks again for your satblog :-)

Yesie 9V1SQ



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