UniSat-6 – first month of Operations

Today 19th of July 2014, thirty days after the launch, Gauss team wants to celebrate the first month of full operations of UniSat-6 with all the supporters and HAM radios that are following news and/or that are sending us telemetry data from each corner of the world.

In the first month of flight, on UniSat-6 everything is going as expected and we have a fully operational satellite that has already accomplished its most important mission tasks releasing in orbit and in good health four CubeSats, one of them has also split in two parts bringing the satellites carried in the space by the Dnepr, up to 38 instead of 33 as it was declared. Now UniSat-6 is taking several pictures all around the world and it is sending us precious information about electronic products that Gauss Srl is testing in orbit.

******* “UNISAT-6: thanks to all HAM! :) @gaussteam” *******

This is the UniSat-6′s doodle text string (beacon 1) that it is being broadcasted all over the world by UniSat-6 to thank all the HAM radio community. We have also started the operations of the camera and we have downloaded more than 20 pictures also thanks to the HAM radio community that is sending us data of the satellite every day.
Stay tuned because new pictures are coming soon.

Passing over Australia, 13/07/2014, 00:41:48 UTC, Lat. -28.417°, Long. 151.24° and Altitude 705.26Km

This are the HAM radio amateurs that have been sending us valuable telemetry of the spacecraft during our operations (hoping we did not forget anybody) (we will keep it updated). Special thanks to:

Name/HAM radio Nick                         From                         Institute/Organization/comments
Roland Coelho, Justin Carnahan,             San Louis Obispo, CA, USA    Tyvak team & California Polytechnic
Justin Foley                                                             State University
Fernando Aguado Agelet, Franco Pérez,       Vigo, Spain                  Humsat team, University of VIGO
Antón Vázquez, Alberto González
Benjamin Malphrus, Kevin Brown,             Morehead, KY, USA            Space Science Center, Morehead State University
Murphy Stratton
Slavi Dombrovski                            Germany                      University of Würzburg
Mike Rupprecht (DK3WN)                      Germany                      HAM radio
Davide D’Aliesio (IW0HLG)                   Italy                        HAM radio
Mitsuo Noguchi (JA5BLZ)                     Japan                        HAM radio
Legionelmelenas                             Granada, Spain               HAM radio
Mario (LU4EOU)                              Argentina                    HAM radio
Kasei Toshio (JA1GDE)                       Japan                        HAM radio
Antonio Vilchez                             Spain                        HAM radio
Jan van Gils (PE0SAT)                       Netherlands                  HAM radio
Horacio Rasetti (CX8AF)                     Montevideo, Uruguay          HAM radio
Dmitry Pashkov (R4UAB)                      Russia                       HAM radio
Yoshikatsu Yagi (JA5JKD)                    Japan                        HAM radio
Iji Yoshitomo (JA6PL)                       Japan                        HAM radio
Tetsurou Satou (JA0CAW)                     Japan                        HAM radio
Leon Steenkamp                              Cape Town, South Africa      HAM radio 

Source: http://www.gaussteam.com/unisat-6-first-month-of-full-operations/

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