UKube-1 launch

UKube-1 is a UK Space Agency pilot CubeSat mission built by Clyde Space, carrying a range of science and technology payloads contributed from across the UK space community including primes, SMEs, universities, and amateur groups – and also the FUNcube-2 transponder and telemetry subsystem.

The Soyuz 2 Fregat lifted off successfully at 15:58:28 UTC and UKube-1 will be deployed at 18:32:42 UTC.

1 99999U 14999Q   14189.77200093  .00000000  00000-0  00000+0 0   189
2 99999 098.4063 241.3788 0009514 255.2875 334.5465 14.78395364    14

Note that FUNcube-2 will only be intermittently operational during the commissioning phase and checkout.


Launch TV coverage: or here:
Updates on the launch status #cubesat channel at


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