TLE lottery pt.3 – CP6

at my 16:36 UTC pass (14 deg elevation) I used the following setup to determine the correct TLE for CP-6
* antenna fix to South
* RX fix on 437.3650 MHz USB

heard 2 beacons within these short intervall from 16:39 UTC to 16:41 UTC
audio frequency for the first beacon was to high and the second one was too low – so I assume the doppler shift = 0 beacon was ca. 16:40:25 UTC

If we plot the doppler curves from the latest TLE we can see that the OBJ D is the closest – but with an offset of 3 KHz.
Which agrees with the observations of Alan (WA4SCA) who saw a 2000Hz negative offset, similar to my graphs.

One thought on “TLE lottery pt.3 – CP6”

  1. Mike,

    I was tracking Object C here at 1942 UTC, and got a data burst just as the calculated elevation hit .5 degrees. It was audible but attenuated. In comparison with other satellites, that tends to eliminate Objects A and B which would have still be strong.


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