One thought on “Tanusha-SWSU-2 (RS-7) active”

  1. Hi Mike,

    So what they are doing is turning on the two russian cubesats inside the ISS to test them. They’ve turned on the russian iss module’s D7xx, which has a cross band repeater (of which the downlink is 145.800). They set the “uplink” frequency to the downlink frequency of the satellites, and then turn them on. This way the powerful repeater on the ISS can blast the messages to the world as a test.

    However, when neither of the two satellites are turned on, apparently they leave the repeater on – which means you or I or anybody with the capability of pointing a 437.050 signal at the ISS can get picked up and repeated on the 145.800 downlink.

    Bottom line: The repeater is the russian ISS kenwood cross band repeater, that is being used to rebroadcast the cubesat messages.

    K3RLD, Yesterday at 5:49 PM #26

    Here in Brasil we made several QSO via the crossrepeater up on 437,050 MHz during the intervals of Tanyusha transmissions…

    73 de Roland.

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