Tanusha-3/-4 activation @ ISS

On June 20, Tanusha 3 will be connected to one of the ARISS Service Module antennas and will transmit from 0730-1200 UTC on 437.05 MHz. These FM transmissions will include greetings from students in several languages, including Russian, English, Spanish and Chinese. The ARISS-Russia team plan to also retransmit these signals on the standard ARISS 2-meter downlink, 145.80 MHz using the JVC Kenwood D700 radio that is still on-board ISS. All are invited to listen to the CubeSats from ISS on 437.05 and/or 145.80 MHz.

08:35 UTC – no signals on 437.050 MHz, strong downlink on 145.800 MHz (ARISS cross band repeater) but not from Tanusha-3
10:12 UTC – no signals on 437.050 MHz
11:45 UTC – no signals on 437.050 MHz

SP8CGR calling CQ on the crossband repeater :-(

Tanusha-4 was scheduled to be switched on for the same period on June 21st. But even here I could nothing hear from the satellite. :-(

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