SWSU-55 telemetry packets and new SSTV images

Based on the quality of the SSTV images, the SWSU-55s are spinning faster and faster rather than settling down …

telemetry on 437.05 MHz:
18:52 RS4S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1142 baud):
SWSU-55 #6 S=8573 U1=4.88 U2=4.85 I1=0.0 T1=22.39 Mx=14.577189 My=82.305054 Mz=-13.680132 Vx=0.000000 Vy=0.000000 Vz=0.000000 Time=385422154
20:29 RS9S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1136 baud):
KETs #1 S=9107 U1=4.91 U2=4.88 T1=23.04 Mx=32.294083 My=73.110214 Mz=84.323441 Vx=39.564884 Vy=-103.106873 Vz=6.167939 Time=415360187 R1=0 R2=0
20:31 RS5S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1129 baud):
SWSU-55 #7 S=7652 U1=5.01 U2=4.99 T1=16.27 Mx=70.643303 My=38.797752 Mz=4.709554 Vx=40.717556 Vy=-21.977098 Vz=-44.954197 Time=403688156 R
20:47 RS1S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1142 baud):
SWSU-55 #3 S=2906 U1=4.92 U2=4.89 I1=0.0 T1=23.36 Mx=-23.099239 My=-34.312462 Mz=124.915306 Vx=18.213741 Vy=75.473282 Vz=35.893131 Time=118567254
20:47 RS3S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1157 baud):
SWSU-55 #5 S=8674 U1=4.84 U2=4.83 I1=0.0 T1=22.07 Mx=60.551403 My=-3.139702 Mz=-19.286743 Vx=-40.526718 Vy=36.870228 Vz=14.748092 Time=394387113

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