SumbandilaSat was successfully launched at 16:55:09 UTC.

Uplink      145.880 MHz (FM voice Transponder and Parrot)
Downlink    435.350 MHz (FM voice Transponder and Parrot)
            435.300 MHz (Voice Beacon)

The system a parrot repeater, a device that will record 20 seconds of audio and plays it back on 435.350 MHz.

Another feature of the payload is an audio beacon (435.300 MHz) that will carry a 15 second message. The beacon is programmable from the ground and various messages can be uploaded. The beacon message was selected from entries in a country-wide competition and recoded by the winner, at the time a Kimberley Technical High School Student, Anton Coetzee. The message reads: “This is ZS0SUM in space. I am the voice of the South African youth. We are knocking on the door of opportunity, marking our place in the orbit of space research and communication. Hear us! Listen to us!”

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