SumbandilaSat: From Sub To Space

Wiseman Khuzwayo of Business Report & Independent Online (Pty) Ltd. is reporting that South Africa expects to launch its second microsatellite into low Earth orbit by June, after several cancellations.
Sumbandila satellite (SA) If all goes well, the R26 million Sumbandila satellite (SumbandilaSat) will take to the heavens from Severemosk in Russia. Sumbandila is Venda for “lead the way”. The satellite will be launched after midnight from a Russian nuclear-powered missile submarine in the icy Barents Sea as part of a Russian navy exercise. The 18,200 ton Delta Class 4 sub, which is as long as one-and-a-half football pitches, will use a modified Shtil 2.1 intercontinental ballistic missile as a launch vehicle to place the satellite into an orbit 500km above earth. The satellite, with a three year lifespan, will be controlled from an operations centre outside Pretoria.

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