09:45 UTC over Europe – See an interesting note from Alan to the tail after each transmission below. You can see that clearly in the VHF spectrum.


Alan, ZL2BX: Well I have just had a pass over ZL with only one other station on and the performance was quite interesting and repeatable. When the transponder is triggered it stays on and does not drop out. Once the transponder is released it has a few seconds of tail. Every attempt to retrigger the transponder during the tail resulted in a drop-out of two or three seconds.
If you wait until the tail drops out it will retrigger as normal and hold in without a problem.
In other words if I drop my carrier the transponder seems to enter its “tail mode”. If the second station begins transmitting within this tail the transponder ignores that signal and still drops out. If the second station waits for the tail to drop and then starts transmitting the transponder holds in without drop-out.

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