SOHLA-1 is sending telemetry only over JA

thanks Tetsu (JA0CAW) and Mineo (JE9PEL) for the SOHLA audio files

To Satellitors all over the world

Hello. We are so sorry not to send signals except over Osaka Japan.
We have not done international frequency adjustment.
About your question, conversion of the analog values of the HTRX telemetry, it is no need to any convert, to tell the truth.
Now, we don’t connect to CCU, so the counter is always FFFF and zero.
At the late phase operation, we are going to connect to CCU.
Then, you can get HTRX telemetry.
But, I make an effort to connect to CCU as soon as possible for you satellitors.
Thank you for your analysis of FSS date and development of analysis software.

From SOHLA-1 Ground Station
Osaka Prefecture University
Small Spacecraft Systems Research Center Shunsuke Araki

files decoded:
JA0CAW 14:30 UTC: 173 frames
JA5BLZ 12:33 UTC : 212 frames


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