RS-39 daily update

A week had passed since the separation satellite “Chibis-M” of the cargo vehicle “Progress M-13M” and began its independent flight. During this time a large amount of work on testing and configuring systems on board. During this time, control unit and made two points – the ground control in Kaluga and Kaluga remotely controlled from the ground complex in Krasnoyarsk.

Using these two systems control the spacecraft separated by a distance of 4,000 kilometers, can carry an average of 8 sessions per day with microsatellite and radio-visibility conditions cover almost the whole territory of Russia.

In today’s sessions were carried out work on the system management orientation and stabilization system, as well as tests of radio-speed transmission of scientific data.

According to the results of processing the received telemetry data service temperature and voltage onboard network are within acceptable values ​​(voltage onboard network of about 14 volts, temperature from 0 to 23 degrees).

Morse beacon at a frequency of 435.215 kHz in the morning session off and will be active again on 16:30 UTC.

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