Jim, AC4AV: I have not heard CW telemetry from RS-22 for over a week or so.
A couple days ago, I did hear some interesting audio, but caught the last few seconds before LOS.

audio spectrum

RS-22 is sending short bursts of telemetry every 5 seconds on 435.352 MHz (FM)
This morning I could hear heavy downlink traffic. This data transmission system is called DOKA.
The DOKA modulation is PM with Manchester-encoded data on sidebands.
It uses 4800Bd data, one block contains 256 frames with sync wsequence and frame counter. The length of a RS-22 frame is 608 bit (76 byte).

DOKA telemetry block in a hexdump view

2 thoughts on “RS-22”

  1. Hi,
    I am pretty new to amateur satellite communications. I am working on some link budgets for RS-22 but I am not able to find info about it’s telemetry. Anybody has any idea where I can find more info? other than the amsat website?

    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi, it’s very difficult to get some useful information about the russian satellites. Or rather impossible …
    Can you tell us more about your link budget works???
    73, Mike

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